Get Big: Get Strong! Women’s 10 Week Strength And Mass Training Program – Level 2 (Digital Download)


Do you want to build muscle and gain size, or just get strong? Why not do both if you can? With so much information out there when it comes to building muscle, you can easily become confused. The best way to build muscle is to progressively overload your muscles and eat more calories than you burn. There is no secret, only hard work and consistency. Are you ready to look and feel good in that new shirt?

To train with Paul at his studio for 10 weeks cost well over $1400. Today, you get his expertise for only $29.99. This is a women’s training program which is suitable for an intermediate level or if you have over 1-2 years of training experience.

This program is best suited for a gym because of the mixture of machines and free weights.

Here is what you get:

* nutritional guidelines and a 10 week training program to help you reach your goals
* muscle summary sheet
* muscle building tips
* recommended food choices
* training guidelines
* workouts that feature a mixture of free weights and machines
* workouts that feature a mixture of high and low repetitions to shock your muscles
* body part split training
* 4 resistance training workouts each week
* 2 cardio and 2 core(abs) workouts each week

Are you ready to get strong and gain muscle? Get your program today!

Length: 39 pages