Lose Weight: Feel Great! Women’s 10 Week Training Program – Level 1 (Digital Download)


Weight loss is one of the greatest battles we face in today’s society. Do you have low energy levels? Lack of physical activity in your life? Would you like to lose some inches off your waist? Need a push in the right direction? If you have answered yes to any of these questions, then this program is for you.

To train with Paul at his studio for 10 weeks cost well over $1400. Today, you get his expertise for only $59.99. This is a women’s training program which is suitable for a beginner or if you have under 1 year of training experience.

This program is best suited for a gym because of the mixture of machines and free weights.

Here is what you get:

* nutritional guidelines and a 10 week training program to help you reach your goals
* muscle summary sheet
* fat burning tips
* recommended food choices
* training guidelines
* workouts that feature a mixture of free weights and machines
* workouts that feature a mixture of high and low repetitions to shock your muscles
* full body training
* 3 resistance training workouts each week
* 3 cardio and 2 core(abs) workouts each

Are you ready to lose weight and increase your self confidence? Order your copy today!

Length: 39 pages