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Learn How To Stretch: For Better Movement And Health Ebook (Digital Download)


By: Paul Nam

The human body is composed of skeletal muscle that is designed for movement. As we age, we move less and this can cause tight muscles and stiff joints.

Stretching is an activity anyone can do regardless of age and physical fitness. It can be done at your home, office, or even at the park on a nice day. The benefits of stretching are increased flexibility, mobility, blood flow, and reduced stress.

Welcome to Learn How To Stretch: For Better Movement And Health. Follow Paul as he guides you step-by-step through the basic stretches and routines.

This book will feature the following chapters:

* Muscle summaries
* Why you should stretch
* Water and hydration
* Water and hydration
* Static stretching
* Dynamic stretching
* Guidelines for stretching
* Stretch exercises
* Stretch routines
* Sun salutation stretch flow

Are you confused with all of the other information out there? This book will teach you the right way to stretch.

Length: 105 pages