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Scrawny To Brawny In 8 Weeks: The Natural Way : For Men And Women Ebook (Digital Download)


By: Paul Nam

An 8 Week Strength And Mass Training Program

What is the best way to gain muscle mass? The obvious 2 answers are weight training and increasing your caloric intake. Scrawny To Brawny In 8 Weeks will help you obtain that muscular physique you have always wanted. The training programs in this book will give you a mixture of exercises, repetitions and sets to consistently challenge you every week. Training heavy and using 1RM does not work all the time. Your body adapts to any type of training program. What works well is a mixture of high and low repetitions utilizing a progressive overload system.

This book will feature chapters on:

* the major nutrients
* understanding the energy equation for gaining muscle
* eating for muscular gains
* the top rules for gaining muscle
* 2 diet examples for gaining muscle
* high caloric protein shake recipes
* goal setting
* training guidelines
* a 2 week beginner training program
* an eight week strength training program for men
* an eight week strength training program for women

Ready to gain up to 10lbs of muscle? Purchase your copy today!

Length: 83 pages