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Dumbbell Training: For Men And Women (Digital Copy)


Having a difficult time getting to the gym?

Did you know even exercising for 30 minutes is better than doing nothing? Welcome to Dumbbell Training: For Men And Women. We lose muscle mass each year so it is important to include some form of exercise in your every day lifestyle. After exercising your body releases a chemical called serotonin. This hormone makes you feel good about yourself. Some benefits of resistance training are stress release, stronger immune system, and a positive change in fat mass to muscle mass ratio. What more could you want?

This book will feature these following chapters:

* Introduction to dumbbells
* Why use dumbbells
* Muscle summaries
* Training guidelines
* Nutritional guidelines for men and women
* 34 exercise descriptions with pictures
* 8 dumbbell workouts for men
* 8 dumbbell workouts for women
* An 8 week training program for men
* An 8 week training program for women

Now is the time to get into shape. All you need is yourself and some dumbbells.Lose some unwanted pounds and build some muscle. The training in this book is in our number rated app, Dumbbell Fitness. Here is one review from our app.” I started using this app about 3 months ago to guide me through my workouts. I’ve never lifted weights before and I needed to lose 40 lbs. So far in 3 months I’ve dropped 10 lbs but went from a 40 inch waist to a 36. I love that I can see someone doing the exercise and they have it broken out by muscle groups.”

Learn how to isolate your muscle properly and maximize your results.

Length: 81 pages